Deep-Fried Shrimp Roll

Fresh peeled velvet shrimp and fresh minced pork are seasoned with our secret ingredients for the filling. It is wrapped by the pork caul fat before coated with special crisp flour for high-temperature frying. Take a bite and feel the crunchy outside and the soft filling. It’s our No. 1 best-selling signature dish.

Grilled Milkfish Belly

We select the fresh milkfish in Ciqu, Tainan. There are 8 essential amino acids and rich in milkfish as the best nutrition for the Tainan in the ancient time.

Lobster Roe Roll

A chewy rice wrapper filled with asparagus, peach, Japanese-imported fish roe salad, and pork floss and with hint of seaweed. refreshingly creative dish.

Tainan Stir-Fried Eels

Our good control of heating and cooking make delicious stir-fried eels. Particularly our special sauce invented by the elder masters of Taiwan Cuisine has been inherited and popular. A sweet and sour meal with a crispy eel is served.

Crispy Pepper Pastry Pork

A chef’s private home-style cuisine, we use top pork belly mix in a sauce of pepper, garlic, and special seasoning. The pork is chewy and the aroma four overflow.




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