Du Hsiao Yueh Dan Zai noodles make a rich and savory classic gourmet dish seasoned with special minced pork, Tarakan Eco-shrimp, Century- Wu Hsian vinegar sauce, and prawn soup, a classic recipe passed down for more than 100 years by Du Hsiao Yueh.

A savory classic gourmet in Tainan, fresh peeled velvet shrimp and fresh minced pork are seasoned with our secret ingredients for the filling. It is wrapped by the pork caul fat before coated with special crisp flour for high-temperature frying. Take a bite and feel the crunchy outside and the soft filling.

The aroma-rich meat pours on the rice inducing the best flavor. So Du Hsiao Yueh has ever been honored as one of the selected stores for the 2017 Taiwan Braised Pork On Rice Festival.

Use the strictly selected milkfish from Qigu, Tainan. Remove all fish bones and rub the milkfish belly with specialty pepper to cook a delicious meal.

Pour the chef’s special sauce over the fresh egg tofu, chewy, and crunchy, is one of our most famous dishes.

Fresh oyster delivered from Anping, Tainan to Taipei, fresh, sweet and crispy, you can taste the original taste of fresh oyster.

Use top quality Pork Knuckle, cook in Du Hsiao Yueh special sauce. It is unforgettable delicious.