Boiled Milkfish Ball Thick Soup with Fat Choy

It is a well-known traditional dish in Tainan. We select local milkfish in Tainan to make milkfish ball. Cook the soup with “fat choy” because its Chinese pronunciation is “Fa-Cai” to mean rich.

Pyramid Dumplings​

It is a very delicious dish in Tainan. Pyramid dumplings is made by bamboo shoots diced and meat to wrap with.

Steamed Milkfish with Special Sauce

Select local milkfish in Tainan to steam. The most gelatinous fish skin of milkfish with a simple cooking method steamed even more sweet.

Tainan Steamed Ba-wan

The gelatinous outside is made with rice flour and sweet potato starch and inside is the tasty meat stuffing. We marinate the first-rate pork shoulder the day before with specialty sauce to make the meat stuffing absorb the sauce thoroughly. The stuffing is solid and flavorful.

Tainan Taro Cake

The genuine Tainan taro has the perfect combination of the cake’s soft, fluffy taste and the minced pork’s savory taste. It is a dish any taro lover should not miss out.

Deep-Fried Shrimp Roll

A savory classic gourmet in Tainan, fresh peeled velvet shrimp and fresh minced pork are seasoned with our secret ingredients for the filling. It iswrapped by the pork caul fat before coated with special crisp flour for high-temperature frying. Take a bite and feel the crunchy outside and the soft filling.

Grilled Milkfish Belly

Use the strictly selected milkfish from Qigu, Tainan. Remove all fish bones and rub the milkfish belly with specialty pepper to cook a delicious meal.




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